Home Furnishing

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Location: L2 27

Airland strives to provide consumers with the most comfortable, healthy and highest quality bedding products. This goal is achieved through designing and manufacturing elegant and comfortable household products for individuals who desire for a quality lifestyle.

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Location: L2 29 - 30

at.home characterizes playful hues and casual ethos that suits for yuppies. The product size is smartly crafted to suit the small living spaces in Hong Kong.

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Location: L6 7

Centro is an international furniture and interior design group.

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Location: L5 1B

De Rucci was founded in 2004 with the mission of helping people sleep better. De Rucci's solution is to integrate the best sleep technologies and resources from around the world.

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e Lighting

Location: L5 6

e Lighting Group principally engaged in the sale of quality lighting and designer label furniture products, introduced world-famous brands and other fashionable products into the market.

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Location: L2 28

Emmas Mattress is from Australia in promoting good quality of sleep with both comfortable and healthy mattresses to consumers.

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Location: L9 16 - 17 (MegaKids Bazaar)

ERGOBOSS introduces a series of ergonomic furniture & products for children, such as ergonomically designed school bags, chairs, combo seats & study lights etc.

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Location: L5 7

The first flagship store in Hong Kong with the unique computerized profram allows customers to visualize their mix and match results instantly so as to design the personalized furniture.

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Good Idea Deluxe

Location: L6 5

Good Idea Deluxe has 10 zones which provide one stop shopping experiences for customers who are looking for different types of home furniture (such as: sofa, kids furniture, dinning sets) and deco.

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Location: L6 6

HOME 21 is the latest new hybrid of furniture and home accessories chain store, offering products from different corner of the world with contemporary and trendy design.

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Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Gallery

Location: L5 2

Since developing the first lightweight aluminum blind in 1946, Hunter Douglas has led the industry in creating the highest quality, innovative window coverings for homeowners.

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Location: L3 - L4

IKEA creates a better life by offering a wide range of home furnishing products at low price.

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Location: L2 31

One of the three brands under Korean home living brand, Fursys. iloom provides warm and diversity of home living goods especially kids furniture, decorating your home to fill with coziness and love.

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Location: L7 3

JVG means becoming a brand that helps customers lead healthier lives by offering new lifestyle appliances to their specific needs,and products that are capable of keeping their daily environments healthy.

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Location: L6 8

KÄRCHER is one of the world's largest manufacturers of cleaning equipment and is headquartered in Winnenden, Germany.

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Magic Living

Location: L7 7

Our Company develops new healthy life products and focuses on the design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of electric water dispensers, household appliances, air cleaners and kitchen supplies. We are committed to introduce you more effective cleansing and antibacterial product, because we care about the health of you and your family.

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Location: L5 Kiosk

In Year 2003, Maxcare® established in HK with principle "Caring Your Life". It kept on innovating high quality products with numbers of international patents.

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Norwood home

Location: L7 2

Norwood home was established since 2007. We are one of the leading player in furniture industry in Hong Kong, producing stylish high quality furniture and providing outstanding interior design services. With over 20-year experience in furniture production, we have our own professional research team and production plants to ensure our products are of the highest quality. Our professional interior designers from Norwood house are eager to listen to our customers, in order to design the most suitable home that can provide comfort and warmth. Norwood home, turn your dream home into a dream come true.

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Location: L3 2-3

Ranked no.1 healthcare and lifestyle brand in Asia, OSIM is the frontier and advocator of maintaining physical and mental health by living a quality lifestyle.

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Location: L3 7

PHILIPS@el provides extensive range of luminaires that can help you to light up every room. From floor lamps and wall lights to ceiling pendants and table lamps, Philips luminaires provide the perfect light for your home. Find the perfect mood for a specific room, from warm and cosy ambiences for living room lighting, to bright, energising schemes for bathroom and kitchen lighting.

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Location: L5 8

Pricerite is the largest home furnishing and accessories store in Hong Kong with an abundant supply of furniture, home essentials and appliances.

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Sealy Gallery

Location: L3 8 - 9

Sealy is the preferred choice amongst 5 star hotels around the world. That’s why you could also have 5-Star luxury sleeping nights by having a Sealy mattress at home.

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Location: L3 4

Serta is ranked USA #1 mattress brand with the heritage of over 80 years.

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Location: L5 1A

Simmons is dedicated to helping people achieve quality sleep. Since 1925, Simmons has launched its patented Beautyrest mattress series.

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Location: L7 5

A local furniture and lighting brand combining minimalism, contemporary style and functionality, giving customers high quality products in reasonable prices.

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Location: L3 5 - 6

Sinomax created memory foam as the core material to develop a wide range of bedding and pressure-relieving products, advocating the benefits of a relieving sleep for a healthy lifestyle.

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Location: L2 26

Slumberland is from United Kingdom and established in 1919. The company is the leading mattress company in innovation of Bedding Technology and manufacturing high quality mattresses to retail and institutional channels.

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Location: L6 1

TEMPUR® , the ONLY mattress and pillow recognized by NASA, and certified by The Space Foundation, responds to your body’s warmth, shape and weight as it constantly adapts to you to offer you personalised comfort and support, from the moment you lie down until you get up.