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Bafang Dumpling Drink Plus (AEON)

Location: L2 (AEON)

Founded in Taiwan, BAFANG YUNJI Dumpling Restaurant is the number one brand of specialized dumpling franchise store achieving the essential taste quality of “Fresh, Delicious, and Crispy”.

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Location: L8 3

Serving numerous authentic Vietnamese dishes in a refreshing atmosphere, including beef noodle, pho, steamed fish, spring roll and skewered food etc.

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Dumpling Station

Location: G 4 - 6

Engrossing in making dumplings, we proudly present our handmade dumplings with smooth, chewy dumpling wrappers and rich and juicy fillings by using Japanese flour as dough’s ingredient, kneading with hands and being made to order.

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Kim's Spoon

Location: L6 3

Kim's Spoon is the first Korean casual dining restaurant in Hong Kong.

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Location: L11 11

Mee...Lemongrass is Malay Laksa Hainan Chicken Rice Specialist and featureas mainly Singaporean, Malaysian, Vietnamese dishes.

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Location: G 21

"MEOKBANG PREMIUM BBQ specializes in Korean Cuisine. We are the first HongKong restaurant importing Korean Beef (Hanwoo) directly from Korea. Also, Meokbang is the first restaurant importing Marinated Crab in Soy Sauce and Jeju Octopus.

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TeaWood Taiwanese Cafe & Restaurant

Location: G 4-6

Teawood has launched a new Taiwanese bakery brand named TeaBread. It is a blend concept of light meal dinning and takeaway which provides homemade soft bread rolls and high quality cold brew tea.

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