Kids, Toys & Entertainment

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Location: L9

With over 30 renowned brands gathered in one place, we offer an extensive collection of top-rated popular manga, carefully selected toys, unique merchandise, the latest video games, card battle games, and rare limited-edition collectibles.

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Location: L9 Kiosk

AWATO introduces a series of ergonomic school bags "GMT For Kids" from Norway, which are extremely light, for helping children alleviate burdens in their study and life, we also carry Gregory delivering quality backpacks for hiking, backpacking, and travel.

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Bricks & Minifigs

Location: L9 - 24

Custom Minfigures & Set + MOC Workshop

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Eugene Baby

Location: L9 26

A one-stop shop for baby and children's products in Hong Kong, products include exotic kids' furniture from Europe and America.

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Location: L9 22

A yellow happy world belonging to children and adults! In Fueki Shop you can find Fueki-kun stationery, masks, snack, makeup product, jewelry, T-shirts and other Fueki-kun limited edition products.

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Jungle Kidventure

Location: L9 23

Jungle Kidventure is a playhouse combined with forest theme and Reggio Emilia Approach.

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Location: L7 4

KIDNETIC has a full set of professional gymnastics equipment (FIG certified) imported from Europe, offering a positive sports experience for kids of all ages.

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Kids Kids Playhouse

Location: L12 1

Kids Kids Playhouse offers the most game zones in Hong Kong, over 20 different game zones, including unique ones like " Archcollege " and "Car Repair Station."

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Location: L5 3

The LINE FRIENDS POP-UP STORE @ MegaBox sells a wide range of LINE FRIENDS merchandise and first-launch Hong Kong special edition LINE FRIENDS merchandise.

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Mega Ice (Ice Rink)

Location: L10 1

Hong Kong’s 1st international sized ice rink with harbour view.

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Red Zone

Location: L13 3

Hong Kong's only indoor shooting experience venue in a mall.

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Location: L8

Welcome to MegaBox's limited-time store during the weekend and holidays, where you can interact with other mini4WD and exchange technical knowledge!

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The Wonderful World of Whimsy

Location: L12 2-20

Indoor Playground "The Wonderful World of Whimsy" provides various amusement facilities, suitable for kids and adults to have a wonderful day!

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Location: L9 1

Housing the latest and comprehensive collection of toys with the area of 10,000 sq. ft.

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Zone D Kendama Store

Location: L8 Kiosk 4

Our shop offers a variety of popular foreign brand kendamas and local designed ones for players of different levels. Our coaches are here to provide on-site instruction and demonstrations.