“Parking Privilege” Terms and Conditions

Parking Privilege Redemption Method :
  • Upon designated spending in MegaBox, and present max. 2 sets of same-day merchant’s machine-printed receipts and/or 2 GH MegaBox movie ticket stubs (if applicable) /or 2 or more “teamLab Future Park” tickets (not including infant ticket) (if applicable) together with Octopus card or credit card used to enter the car park at G or L9 Information Counter to redeem parking privileges.
  • Free parking privilege must be redeemed before the vehicle exits the car park. Octopus card or credit card used to enter the car park must be presented during redemption. Customer can pay the parking fee directly when leaving the car park if no parking privilege is needed.
  • Customers can enjoy free parking privileges at Enterprise Square 3 upon designated spending in MegaBox on Sat, Sun and PHs. Please visit G or L9 Information Counter for details.
“Movie Parking 2 Hours” Parking Privilege Terms and Conditions :
  • Same-day GH MegaBox movie ticket stub(s) (with spending amount stated) must be presented during redemption.
  • Movie tickets with “Non-cash payment” (非現金交易)or HK$0 spending amount will not be accepted.
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays Morning and Night Parking Privilege Terms and Conditions :
  • Drive-in time must be before 11:00am or after 7:00pm. A maximum of 2 sets of same-day different merchants’ machine-printed receipt(s) and/or 2 GH MegaBox movie ticket stubs (if applicable) must be presented for redemption.
Night Shopping Parking Privilege Terms and Conditions: 
  • One same-day merchant’s machine-printed receipt is issued after 8pm and is over HK$100 must be presented during redemption.
  • This offer is valid from Mon to Sun, promotion valid to 31 October 2023.
“teamLab Future Park” 2 Hours Parking Privilege Terms and Conditions :
  • 2 or more “teamLab Future Park” same-day tickets (not including infant ticket) and show the voucher code on the booking confirmation email must be presented to redeem 2 hours parking privilege.
Other Terms and Conditions:
  • All parking privileges are applicable to private cars & motorcycles only.
  • Each receipt can only be used for redeeming one parking privilege only (unless otherwise specified). 
  • Each vehicle is entitled to one parking privilege per day only. 
  • Do not accept receipts of deposit or partial payment, banking service, recharge service, mobile SIM card recharge, bill, tuition (except Mega Ice), membership, purchase of prepaid-card (e.g. gift card, gift voucher, cash voucher, discount card, etc.), online payment receipt, sales venue or booths receipts, hand written or reprinted receipts. 
  • Merchant's name, transaction date and time, receipt number, all purchased items and spending amount (HK$) must be clearly shown on merchant's machine-printed receipt. 
  • Only consider receipt’s net purchase amount (i.e. after deducting discounts, coupons or cash vouchers issued by MegaBox). 
  • Staff of MegaBox will stamp on the redeemed original machine-printed receipt(s) and movie ticket stubs for identification purpose. 
  • Staff of MegaBox reserves the right to request for the original merchant's machine-printed receipts and sales slips and movie ticket stubs to record these by photographing, photo-copying and recording any relevant details for internal audit, and will stamp on the receipts for identification purpose. 
  • Any amended, damaged, photocopied or transaction-not-completed receipts are not accepted. 
  • Staff of MegaBox shall have the authority to withdraw the free parking privilege for any doubtful receipt and the parking privilege ticket. 
  • These parking privileges cannot be returned, cancelled or exchanged once redeemed. 
  • Staff of MegaBox and all merchants are not eligible to participate. 
  • In case of any disputes on the above Terms and Conditions, MegaBox reserves the right of final decision. 
  • These parking privileges are subject to change without prior notice.
Version date: 09 / 07 / 2023