Chinese Restaurants

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Club ONE The Bay

Location: L13 2-3

Besides traditional dimsum and Chinese cuisine designed by award-winning chefs and customer service team.

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Location: L13 5

Love red - love hot and spicy. Amazing taste and service are now being provided in Fisher & Farmer.

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Fung Shing 1954

Location: L7 6

Fung Shing 1954 presents fine Chinese cuisine in its purest form and provide a desirable venue for enjoying superlative dim sum & traditional Cantonese delicacies with a modern twist!

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Palace One

Location: L13 4

Palace ONE provids awarded Chinese cuisine and services, Let’s enjoy!

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Paramount Banquet Hall

Location: L14 1

Paramount Banquet was built with the theme “Shining” – to conjure up a splendid atmosphere for any remarkable events in your life.

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Location: L6 2

The Shanghainese-inspired restaurant built her reputations by incorporating the best of regional flavors and international elements into their culinary style, presenting the unique charm of Shanghai culture to their diners.

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