MegaBox Fashion Redemption Program


MegaBox Fashion Redemption Program

Upon single spending of HK$300* or above at designated merchants^ at G to redeem 1 Large Soft Bread or 2 Small Bread or 1 Taiwanese Drink.


*Single same-day machine-printed receipt together with UnionPay / EPS / credit card sale slip from one designated merchant must be presented (Payments by Octopus and cash are not accepted).

- Each set of receipt and sale slip can redeem 1 TeaBread Bread/ Drink coupon only.

- Daily quota applies on a first-come, first-served basis while stock lasts.


^Designated merchants at G


G 1-2&22-24


G 7-12


G 3


G 15-16


G 17 -19


Redemption Details

DateFrom Nov 19 onwards while stock lasts

Time12:00nn - 10:00pm (Daily quota applies on a first-come, first served bases while stock lasts)


Venue: Redemption / Mega Club Counter @ G (opposite to TeaWood)

Terms & Conditions

1.Each card holder is entitled to redeem maximum 2 TeaBread Bread/ Drink coupons daily.
2.Each set of receipt and sale slip can redeem maximum 1 TeaBread Bread/ Drink coupon only.
3.Each customer is entitled to join this redemption program by 1 set of receipt and sale slip from same merchant once per day.
4.TeaBread Bread/ Drink coupon is only applicable at MegaBox TeaBread only. Please refer to the coupon for the Terms and Condition.
5.The coupon should be used before the expiry date, otherwise the coupon will be considered forfeit.
6.Due to a limited supply of bread and drink, please contact TeaBread shop staff before using the coupon.
7.Same day UnionPay/ EPS/ Credit Card sale slip together with merchant’s machine-printed receipt must be presented for redemption.
8.Only consider net purchase amount (i.e. after calculating discounts).
9.Customers must provide details of their merchant’s machine-printed receipts for identification purposes whereas MegaBox Development Co. Ltd. reserves the right to take photos of the receipts for verification.
10.Receipts of banking service, recharge service, mobile SIM card recharge, bill, tuition (except Mega Ice), membership, prepaid consumption (including purchase of gift card, gift voucher, cash voucher, discount card and other types of prepaid consumption) , concert ticket, sales venue or booths receipts, hand written or reprinted receipts will not be accepted.
11.Each set of receipt and sale slip can only be used for one promotional offer (including Mega Club points redemption).
12.All purchases and time must be clearly presented on merchant’s machines-printed receipt.
13.Staff of MegaBox will stamp on all redeemed receipts for identification purpose.
14.All amended, damaged, photocopied or transaction-not-completed receipts will not be accepted.
15.Photos are for reference only.
16.Gifts are not returnable or exchangeable for cash.
17.Daily quota applies while stock lasts.
18.Gifts cannot be returned or cancelled under any circumstances.
19.All related responsibilities and liabilities of provision of gifts that are relevant to this promotion are to be entirely borne by the respective provider.
20.Staff of MegaBox Development Co. Ltd. and respective merchants cannot participate in this promotion.
21.In case of any disputes, MegaBox Development Co. Ltd. reserves the right of final decision.
22.Terms and conditions apply. The above offers are subject to change without prior notice.
23.For details, please refer to

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