MegaBox x Le Petit Prince Aesthetic Garden



1st-in-HK “MegaBox x Le Petit Prince Aesthetic Garden of Art” Large-scale Wooden Art Summer Installation

L5 Atrium
Follow in The Little Prince’s footsteps at 5 instagrammable check-in spots, including “Promenade of Le Petit Prince”, “Le Petit Prince Asteroid B-612”, “Le Petit Prince with his Giant Rose”, “Flying in the Dream” and “Roses d'Amour”. Visit MegaBox in the summer to immerse yourself in the impeccable literary world of The Little Prince!

Promenade of Le Petit Prince

L5 Atrium 
New batch of manuscripts and family letters official authorized copies by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of The Little Prince, are making their first appearance in Hong Kong, don't miss the chance to visit the exhibition!

Preserved Rose Gift Box at Jetso eShop Charity Sale at HK$588 

The preserved roses will be made into a gift box after the installation and will be sold at the MegaBox Jetso eShop at a charity price of HK$588. The donation will be donated to Hong Chi Association in the name of the Ant Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation. Let’s support environmental protection and do good deeds together!

Date: 1 Aug - 30 Sep

Le Petit Prince x Hahahaflorist Premiums Redemption 

Upon designated spending to redeem the below Le Petit Prince x Hahahaflorist limited edition exclusive premiums:
Premium Tote Bag Glass Tumbler
Date from 28 Jun onwards (while stock lasts) from 15 Jul onwards (while stock lasts)
Spending HK$2,500* or above HK$3,500* or above

Redemption Details:
Time : 12:00nn - 10:00pm
Venue : Redemption / Mega Club Counter @ G (Daily quota apply, while stock lasts)

* 2-3 sets of same-day different merchants’ machine-printed receipts together with Union Pay / EPS / credit card sale slip or transaction history in the Electronic Payment mobile app (for Octopus Card, Alipay or WeChat Pay) must be presented, do not accept receipts with cash payment, do not accept more than 1 set of receipts from F&B merchants, and spending amount of each receipt must be HK$100 or above.
- Terms and Conditions apply, for details please CLICK HERE.

MegaBox x AiR Metaverse Adventure Game

Download “AiR- Adventure in Reality” App and complete designated missions to enjoy fabulous prizes!

New Mission
Collect each of the 2 designated game cards in AiR App and download MegaBox App and become MegaBox new member to enjoy maximum of 20 MegaBox Points*, and an extra HK$10 KFC Cash Coupon. Quota applies while stock lasts.

Points / Premiums Redemption Details:
Date: 29 Jul – 4 Sept (Quota applies while stock lasts)
Time: 12:00nn – 10:00pm
Venue: Redemption / Mega Club Counter @ G

*In New Mission, participants need to download MegaBox App, register as Mega Club new member, and fill in all the personal information to receive 10 Mega Club Points, redeem the e-Coupon in AiR App can get extra 10 Mega Club Points, total 20 Points.

- The New Mission is only available for first-time participants of “MegaBox x AiR Metaverse Adventure Game”. Participants who have previously finished “Mission 1” or “Mission 2” cannot participate in the New Mission.
- Participants need to complete the missions of collecting designated no. and styles of game cards in AiR App, then redeem e-Coupons of the “MegaBox Mission” at the “Mission” page of AiR App. After redeeming the e-Coupon, participants need to visit MegaBox Redemption and Mega Club Counter at G to redeem Mega Club Points and Premiums. Please present the e-Coupon on “My Rewards” page of AiR App to the staff of MegaBox during the redemption. Redemption after the expiry date is not accepted.
- For game details, please CLICK HERE.
- For terms and conditions, please CLICK HERE.

MegaBox x Le Petit Prince Fan Art Friday Competition

The application period for MegaBox x Le Petit Prince Fan Art Friday Competition has ended! 

The pickup details of the prize and certificate will be sent via email on 2 September:
- First 200 Applicants: HK$20 McDonald's cash coupon 
- Outstanding Awards: HK$50 Pricerite cash coupon 
- Distinction Awards: Le Petit Prince x Hahahaflorist tote bag, glass tumbler and HK$200 designated merchants' coupon 
- All the participants will receive the MegaBox x Le Petit Prince Fan Art Friday Competition 2022 certificate 

Judges: Outstanding awards are selected by MegaBox and Whateversmiles. The 5 distinction art pieces are selected by Olivier D'Agay, the descendant of the author of The Little Prince.

The distinction art pieces will be posted on MegaBox and Whateversmiles Facebook & Instagram on 2 September!  

Le Petit Prince x Hahahaflorist Pop Up Shop

Limited-edition crossover premiums like glass tumblers, tote bags, vases and mobile chargers will be sold, all printed with artworks exclusively designed for the occasion.

Date: From 28 Jun until further notice
Time : 11:00am - 9:00pm
Venue: L5

MegaBox x Le Petit Prince Yum Me Print Photo Printing Services

After taking nice photos in the installation, you can go to the Yum Me Print photo printing machine next to the installation to print out the photo with The Little Prince photo frame, and you can add a recording. Just scan the QR Code on the photo to play the recording. Keep your memorable moment!

Venue: L5

- Photos are for reference only.
- The above events are subject to change without prior notice.
- In case of any disputes, MegaBox Development Co. Ltd. reserves the right of final decision.