MegaBox Chinese Restaurant Dinner Rewards


After 6:00pm, upon spending HK$400* or above in any Chinese Restaurant^ to redeem one bottle of red wine!

Date: From now on (while stock lasts)
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Venue: Redemption / Mega Club Counter @ G
(Daily quota applies, while stock lasts)

* Single same-day Chinese Restaurant’s machine-printed receipt together with UnionPay / EPS / credit card sales slip must be presented
^Chinese Restaurant including L6 SHANGHAI MIN, L7 Fung Shing 1954 , L13 The Banqueting House, Palace One, Fisher and Farmer and L14 Paramount Banquet Hall

Terms and Conditions:
- Daily quota applies while stock lasts (unless otherwise specified).
- Each customer can only redeem one of each Premium once per day, and must be the same person as the cardholder.
- Same-day merchants' machine-printed receipts together with UnionPay / EPS / credit card sale slips must be presented (do not accept receipts of cash / Octopus Card payment).
- Each set of receipts can only be used for participating in one promotion (including Points Earning, Premiums Redemption, other in-mall promotional activities, etc.).
- Each customer can use at most 2 sets of receipts from same merchant to participate in any promotions (including Points Earning, Premiums Redemption, other in-mall promotional activities, etc.)
- Only consider receipt’s net purchase amount (i.e. after deducting discounts, coupons or cash vouchers issued by MegaBox).
- Do not accept receipts of deposit or partial payment, banking service, recharge service, mobile SIM card recharge, bill, tuition (except Mega Ice), membership, purchase of prepaid-card (e.g. gift card, gift voucher, cash voucher, discount card, etc.) concert ticket, movie ticket stub, online payment receipt, sales venue or booths receipts, hand written or reprinted receipts.
- Merchant's name, transaction date and time, receipt number, all purchased items and spending amount (HK$) must be clearly shown on merchant's machine-printed receipt.
- Do not accept amended, damaged, photo-copied receipts or receipts showing "transaction not accepted".
- Receipts that are voided, returned or with refunded (partially or fully) transactions are not eligible for participating in any promotions (including Points Earning, Premiums Redemption, other in-mall promotional activities, etc.).
- Customer should keep the original receipts and related sale slips for 3 months (including start and end dates) from the starting date of related promotion for verification purpose if needed.
- Staff of MegaBox reserves the right to request for the original merchant's machine-printed receipts and sale slips and to record these by photographing, photo-copying and recording any relevant details for internal audit, and will stamp on the receipts for identification purpose.
- Staff of MegaBox reserves the right to request for Member's UnionPay / EPS / credit card used in related transaction for identification and verification purpose.
- All redeemed Premiums cannot be returned, refunded or cancelled under any circumstances.
- All Premiums are not refundable or exchangeable for cash.
- Photos and values are for reference only.
- All Premiums do not include warranty, return or exchange service.
- Redeemers are responsible for checking the quality of Premiums at the time of redemption. No Premiums will be reissued afterwards under any circumstances.
- In case of shortage of stock, MegaBox will replace any Premiums without prior notice.
- All related responsibilities and liabilities of provision of Premiums and offers that are relevant to this promotion are to be entirely borne by the respective provider.
- If any person was found conducted any actual, suspected or alleged fraud related to Premiums Redemption, including but not limited to using counterfeit receipts, using stolen receipts or redeeming Premiums with dishonest intent, MegaBox will reserve the right to forfeit such person’s redeemed Premiums, as well as to suspend such person’s right to redeem any Premiums and to claim losses and/or apply for other legal remedies.
- Staff of MegaBox and all merchants are not eligible to participate.
- In case of any disputes on the above T&Cs, MegaBox reserves the right of final decision.
- The above T&Cs are subject to change without prior notice.

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