2017 Mega Ice Hockey 5’s


Kerry Properties has announced that it will once again proudly present the Mega Ice Hockey 5’s as it marks its tenth anniversary in 2017, with more than 1,600 players from nearly 90 teams and 14 countries and cities participating, re-confirming the tournament’s status as the largest and most competitive ice hockey competition in Asia.

Ice hockey warriors from all over the world will travel to Hong Kong to compete in the Mega Ice Hockey 5’s from 24 April to 6 May at Mega Ice, Hong Kong’s only international-sized ice rink.

Youth Division:24 April – 29 April
Adult Division:1 May – 6 May

Final Games Livestream
Ice hockey lovers worldwide who cannot be rinkside can enjoy live streaming of all the action in the five finals – in each of the two Youth Divisions (Bantam Division A and Bantam Division B) and three Adult Divisions (International Elite A, International A and Asian Elite). This intense ice hockey action will be broadcast live the on on.cc sports channel, Mega Ice Hockey 5’s YouTube channel and Facebook Live.

Youth Division Final Livestream (29 April) :
Bantam B : 9:00pm
Bantam A : 10:00pm

Adult Division Final Livestream (6 May) :
International A : 6:00pm
Asia Elite: 8:00pm
International Elite: 9:00pm

More event and tournament details, please refer to Mega Ice website www.megabox.com.hk

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